Indie videogames development studio

Silversun Studio

Silversun was born from the passion of creating something unique and different, with big entrepreneurs and young enthusiasts, under the concept of quality, professionalism and constant learning.

Studio formed by videogame professionals with more than half a decade of experience, specialized in the development of videogames, serious games and multimedia apps. Our passion is to create videogames with personality and quality.

Our goal is to form a small group, but big enough to take on increasingly ambitious projects. Be a studio with great people who believe and love what they do.

We create innovative, unique and exciting experiences.

Why us?


  • +5 years of experience.

  • Multidisciplinary and versatile team.

  • We love great challenges.


  • We think different.

  • We are also gamers.

  • We believe and love what we do.


  • Small details make the difference.

  • We learn from the best.

  • Quality, our priority.

From Granada with love


Silversun is formed by great videogame professionals, in constantly learning and using all kinds of especialized technologies.

Pedro Romo
Pedro RomoLead Programmer
I love programming and how it allows me to create mechanics and functionalities. I have a lot of interest in the development of AI of enemies and NPCs.
Javier Fernández
Javier FernándezUI / UX Programmer
I love technology, I love music and I’m a gamer. Creating something from the begining to the end, having a part of me and being able to share it, is magical. If you belive in it, you will create things.
Antonio Blanco
Antonio BlancoArt Director
Since I was a child with a blank sheet, a pencil and a piece of plasticine I spent a good part of my time. Now I do the same, but on a screen.